Moonlight Medicine

Natural and holistic health guidance 


Nutritional and herbal medicine in the form of liquid tinctures, teas or ‘grow your own’ therapies are combined with lifestyle interventions, mineral therapy, and a variety of alternative examination techniques including iridology.


Incorporating evidence based research with traditional prescribing to provide you with the best treatment outcomes. When required, effectively combining natural treatments with your existing pharmaceutical medications.


 Individualised treatments tailored to your specific needs, recognising your unique responses to disease and therapy. Incorporating mind, body and spirit into your healthcare regime for a truly holistic experience.

Vis medicatrix naturae

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a health modality that embraces the healing power of nature and supports the bodies innate healing process. A Naturopath may trained in and employ various modalities in their practice including herbal medicine, iridology, nutrition, massage, homeopathy,  aromatherapy and functional testing. Because we all have our specialties no two Naturopaths are the same. We only share our philosophies for health promotion. In Australia Naturopathy is currently a self regulated industry with association membership taken up by trained professionals. Making the choice to see a Naturopath will put you on the path to vitality. And empower you to make holistic, educated decisions about your current and future health needs.

About us

Combining  Naturopathic principles with the latest evidence based research

Located in the Atherton Tablelands, Moonlight Medicine is a mobile Naturopathic service targeted at women of all ages. Practising Naturopath Anita Krieg is also undertaking postgraduate study in Medicines Management with a Professional Honours in Complementary Medicine. With the goal to effectively integrate Naturopathy with your with conventional medical treatments. Delivering a passion for herbal medicine and nutritional support tailored to your individual needs. Moonlight Medicine is a member of CMA and NHAA and an approved Private Health Insurance provider. 


Start your journey

Improve your health today and restore vitality no matter what stage of life you are in.


Utilising nutrition, herbal remedies and lifestyle interventions to reduce the future need for pharmaceutical medications. Plan for a lifetime of good health.


Learn to make your own remedies. Address underlying causes for ill health including chronic stress and anxiety, allergies, addiction. Discuss at length any ongoing health concerns.


A range of functional and integrative testing available. Including routine pathology, complete hormone panels, metabolic, gastrointestinal and immunological analyses. Also mould, biotoxin, environmental exposure analyses.


Combine natural medicine with your conventional medical treatments. Take control of your health  and feel confident in discussing your Naturoths plan with your GP or other health provider.

A few things we’re great at

Every Naturopath is different. At Moonlight medicine the focus is on making clearly defined health goals that can be achieved with the support of nature.


Combining minerals in at optimal ratios and in the most beneficial forms for absorption and utilisation by the body. Hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) available; an indicator of mineral status.


A curiosity to many; Iridology can direct health support by revealing the constitutional strength of various body systems. An in depth iridology report can be provided on request.


Taking a range of supplements for health promotion? Review and combine nutritionals based on the current research. Tailoring supplements to your individual needs. With a focus on obtaining essential and complementary nutrients primarily through healthy food and lifestyle choices. 


Herbal liquid tinctures are combined to give you an individualised herbal formula. Home remedies, oitments, teas and poultices may also be utlised based on your individual needs.

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New mothers

What to eat, what not to eat. Which pregnancy and breastfeeding supplements are best? No time for yourself? Moonlight medicine can help new mothers with the transition.


Trying to fall pregnant? Nutritional support for pre-conception and pregnancy. Supportive nutrition for IVF. Natural solutions for menstrual irregularities. Male and Female support and testing available.


Balancing nutrition and exercise. Reducing preeclampsia and gestational diabetes risk. Natural treatments for thrush and morning sickness.


Face the different challenges that are unique to breast and bottle feeding. Natural remedies for cracked nipples, candida infection, blocked ducts, reflux, food allergies, increasing milk supply and weaning.


Don’t forget to look after you! Herbs and natural supplements to reduce post partum bleeding and promote healing. Want to lose the baby weight? Discuss healthy timeframes for weightloss.

Naturopathic Consultation

Your first ‘Initial’ consultation with Moonlight medicine can be mobile- at your house or in my clinic room in Atherton and includes ongoing support. For repeat prescriptions and  health reviews a ‘Return’ consultion is provided at a reduced rate.



per visit

  • In clinic consultation
  • Full medical history
  • Case analysis
  • In clinic Prescribing
  • Online Prescribing
  • Integrative pathology testing available
  • 1 1/2 hours
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per visit

  • Health review
  • In clinic prescribing
  • Online prescribing
  • Integrative pathology testing available
  • 1/2 Hour
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Where to go

Moonlight Medicine home based clinic is in a central location at 40 Planet Avenue, Atherton. Mobile consultations are also available between Atherton, Yungaburra, Malanda and Herberton. Please call with any enquiries regarding this service area.


Get in touch


P.O. Box 488, Herberton, QLD, 4887, Australia (postal)

40 Planet Avenue, Atherton, QLD, 4883 (clinic)

1300 040 723

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40 Planet Ave, Atherton, QLD, 4883, Australia 

Disabled access available at the end of driveway with clinic room in the rear of the building. Parking is permissable on the front nature strip and driveway.

Complementary Medicine


For new clients..

Find out more. Call or email to discuss intake requirements and what Moonlight medicine can do for your health needs


For Health Professionals..

Call to discuss complementary treatment protocols. 80% of patients fail to disclose complementary medicine use with their doctor. Find out why.