What’s in a name?

Moonlight Medicine welcomes the whole family; men and women alike, children through to elderly, those with chronic illness, disability and even requiring palliative care. However the name does refer to my special interest in women’s health. “Moonlight Medicine” inspired by the pagan symbol for goddess; a waxing, full and waning moon representing a woman in the 3 phases of her life; growth, fertility and maturity. Women face unique health challenges throughout different stages of their life. We endure the ebb of hormones through these cycles of growth, reproduction and menopause yet are further plagued by our poisoned world subjecting us to hormone disrupting chemicals causing irregular cycles, infertility and cancer. PCOS, endometriosis and post natal depression also seem pronounced in this modern age. It is my passion to guide women through the various health obstacles and promote self esteem and vitality.

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